Vlašići is a small village with about 250 inhabitants, located in a protected bay in the south of the island of Pag. Not far from Vlasici, in the neighboring cove to the west, there is still smaller Smokvica, with just something more than 50 inhabitants. Although officially and administratively managed as settlements of the city of Pag, Vlasici and Smokvica from the city of Pag are about 20 kilometers away. Vlasici is one of several green oasis on the rocky island, and it is of no surprise that agriculture was once the main activity of the local inhabitants, namely sheep farming and viticulture. Its residents still do it today along with fishing but nowdays the most significant activity is tourism, while other activities harmoniously complement the tourist offer of Vlasici. In 2014, Vlašići Bay was declared a Natura 2000 protected marine area for its biological and landscape diversity.