The terrain is rocky and there are many commercial “sheep” roads. There is no underbrush, low or high vegetation, etc. The route for the “Pedaling on the Island of Pag” marathon connects four different cycling routes.

ROUTE 1 for professionals- 54.1 km

Vlašići-Veliko i Malo Blato-bazeni Paške solane-Vjetrenjače-Grad Pag (ul. Put sv. Karina-ul. Bana J. Jelačića-ul. A. Stepinca-ul. J. Dalmatinca-Pijaca-Vela ulica-most-uz magazine soli-Prosika-Lokunja)-Stari Grad-Povljana-Stara Povljana- Smokvica-Vlašići

ROUTE 2 recreative-  28 km

Vlašići-Veliko i Malo Blato-Povljana-Stara Povljana-Smokvica-Vlašići